Sunday, June 30, 2013

Why so much anger?

I think that one of the most amazing things that I have gained in my walk with God is the ability to let things go. Don't get me wrong, there are certain things that will still anger me initially but it always starts to diminish almost immediately. I know that dealing with anything out of anger is never a good way to go. I used to be the type of person who would just tear into someone for angering me or offending me. I don't envy the people who can walk around ready to express their outrage at the drop of a hat. I remember how it felt to constantly be in a state of half rage, ready to go off in an instant. It's no fun for anybody especially the person who lives that way. It seems as though so many people exist like this these days. "Moving with the times" has a price and it seems like nobody is paying attention to what it costs.

My inspiration for this particular blog happened to come from someone on a social website that I subscribe to. One of the people on my friends list was raging about people who believe in God and their inability to accept homosexuality. Also stated was why is it so hard for people to understand that not everybody believes in your God? The person talks about how the Bible merely hints at the way things are supposed to be and so that shouldn't mean that everyone has to obey Him. The person calls the attention that it's now 2013... isn't it time to let people choose how they want to live? Now for as long as I remember everybody has always lived the way that they wanted to live. They have always had the freedom of choice so how is that a new concept? This person's argument is that gay marriage is the unity between two consenting adults. Indeed it is two consenting adults of the same sex. The Bible's look on homosexuality is crystal clear. It's a sin. Yes, it's just like any other sin we could commit which simply means, yes a person can acknowledge they have committed the sin, repent and then never do it again. That is what we are to do when we commit a sin and then we are forgiven, the sin is erased. You cannot repent if you intend to continue living in the sin. As for everybody not believing in my God, I know that. I understand perfectly that it's each individuals choice. However that will never stop me from praying that they will one day believe. So when I replied to this person's post I did it with the utmost care and respect. That the reply I was giving was not intended to offend or attack anybody. It was only with the small hope that maybe this person could understand and I prayed. I prayed for God to guide me in my response and I know that He did. Sadly the person is under the impression that their way is the only way and of course about 20 people agreed with the person. I tried though. I got told that I don't even have half a brain for believing The Bible for my effort but of course I wasn't being judged. Which, for someone who is a self proclaimed atheist why would they care if they were judging me? If there is no God then why not judge people? Who else will? I pretty much knew what was going to happen when I was going in but I felt compelled to do it anyway. We are not ever supposed to give up on anybody nor are we supposed to want to. We are on this earth to help other people and what better way than to bring them the word of God?

This person has now been posting several posts that are contemptuous of God and believers. I say believers because no one religious group is targeted. It's pretty much any believer. Of course I feel as though they are pointed at me but it doesn't make me angry. It makes me sad. I feel like I failed. Then after reading all this person's posts my daughter said to me, "Wow, what did God ever do to her?" Just like that it clicked. Her problem isn't with me, it's between she and God. I've done what I could. It's true that maybe she holds some anger or even contempt toward me for believing but her true problem is between she and God. I think that often as humans we all make this mistake. We take things so personally when in reality there is very little we can do. We can make our beliefs known and try to bring the truth where someone else has made falsehoods but beyond that we give it to God. So that is what I am doing.

As for homosexuality, church's should not have to preform their wedding ceremonies. Gay marriage may pass on a state or even federal level but I do not believe that God will ever recognize these marriages as sanctity. As for any church that encourages any sin no matter what they say it's in the name of, I'm not sure how it could be a blessed church. I will provide a link to the page that explains fairly efficiently how I came to the conclusion that homosexuality is indeed a sin. I honestly don't hate any homosexual but it is my right to pray for them just as I would pray for anybody who is battling sin or any other issue. It is out of love not hate that I do this. I would love to see all of us inherit the kingdom of God. There's never a reason for us to want any different for anybody since their sins are between them and God just as mine are between God and I. I will never give up on anybody though.

Is homosexuality a sin?